Middle Tennessee School of
Preaching and Biblical Studies
Luke 10:2 the harvest truly is great,
but the laborers are few....
welcome to Mtsop
Our Purpose....
The Middle Tennessee School of Preaching and Biblical Studies exists
for the purpose of training sound gospel preachers to work with
churches of Christ in carrying the good news of Jesus Christ to the world.
(Matthew 28:18-20)
We also encourage the enrollment of men and women who simply desire
to grow in knowledge of God's word and in usefulness
in service in the Kingdom.
Our Program...
There is no tuition.
You can
enroll the first night you attend.
You can enroll for classes at any of our
three locations.
prior education required.
Classes are open to both men and women
unless otherwise noted.
You plan your schedule.
All classes are
evening classes starting at 6 pm.
All you need is the
Bible and a desire to study God's word.
information on class schedules and directions,  
click on the location you would like to attend.
Winter  Classes are Here

As the New Year begins so do the Winter Classes. Due to the Covid
situation we are b
eginning a about a week later than usual. Starting
January the 11th and continuing into April  the
 Winter Classes will be
held at
3 locations this term, Goodlettesvile, Smyrna and Mt Juliet.  
Click on their links for the times and topics.  Classes will resume at the
other locations in the
summer term which will begin the first week of
It's been a
difficult year for all and we hope this year will be better.  As
the classes begin we ask only that you do your best to be safe in all we
do. We look forward to stud
ying God's Word together.  May God bless
you in your efforts and
we hope to see you in class.