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Its's Graduation Time

    Spring is an exciting time and so is graduation at MTSOP. We are honored to celebrate with two more graduates of the school, Mark and Kathy Lytle. 

Graduation will be this  Friday, March 31st at the College Grove Church of Christ, beginning  at 7:00 pm. We want to invite all that can come out and celebrate with us on this occasion. Don't worry about supper, because we've got that covered. 

Thanks again to all the faculty, family and friends who helped them reach their goal. The school is blessed with so many of God's people who help make our mission possible and we hope you will take advantage of these opportunities to grow in your knowledge of the Truth. We look forward to seeing you in class and may God bless you in your service to Him.

Our Purpose

We are here  to aid in the training of sound gospel preachers with the churches of Christ to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to the world and to help anyone in their desire to grow in the knowledge of God's word and in their service in the kingdom.

(Matthew 28:18-20)

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