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Our Director

Milton Stephens has been the director since 2015.  He serves as the preacher for the Lynnville Church of Christ and is a graduate of the Nashville School of Preaching. Bro. Milton has been on the faculty of the school for many  years and does a great job keeping it going


Our Teachers

The teachers of the school are made up of faithful preachers and teachers from the Church of Christ. They volunteer their time and effort to help the school achieve its purpose. 

Our Classes

Classes are offered on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings at many different locations. They  start around 6 pm and you can take classes at any location you choose. No set amount of classes is required, take one a night or three every night you plan your schedule. Classes are open to both men and women unless otherwise noted. Credits are given for completion of each class. 36 credits are required to graduate the school and up to 20 credits may be transferred from other Biblical institutions.

Our Program

Our program is simple, their is no tuition, enroll on your first night, no prior education is required. All you need to bring is the Bible and a desire to study God's Word.

We look forward to seeing you in class.

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